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Inhalt von August Magic

Beginning in Romeo, Michigan and ending up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, August Magic is the unforgettable story of a lonely young woman, a grade school teacher named Carolyn Adams, and her adopted shelter dog, a fifteen-year-old Basenji she christens Magic.

As August Magic unfolds, Carolyn and the old dog begin a friendship that leads them on a wondrous journey to the wild and beautiful Outer Banks. Along the way, they learn about the history of each other, about the magical power of love and trust that is as much a part of life as living and breathing, and about the bittersweet victory of setting painful memories free.

For anyone who's ever adopted a shelter dog; for anyone who's ever loved a dog and had that love unconditionally returned; and for anyone who's ever shared the beauty of their dog's autumn years -- August Magic is stealing a place in the hearts of canine literature fans everywhere.

Not since James Street wrote the classic Good-bye, My Lady over 40 years ago has a novel about a Basenji come into being with such far-reaching appeal. While Street's “Lady” typified the Basenji of his time (a fairly rare, relatively unknown breed), August Magic's “Ch. Windswept of Hatteras” (a.k.a. “Magic”) speaks up for the dogs of our times -- both purebred and mix-bred -- who find themselves at the mercy of our fast-paced, throw-away society.

"If one person reads August Magic and goes to a shelter or adopts a rescue instead of turning to a pet store for their next dog, then my message was heard. August Magic is about second chances, about the magic that people and companion animals can make together, and about how saving a life can have a positive effect on your own."

--Veronica Anne Starbuck

IF YOU'VE EVER LOVED A DOG, YOU'LL LOVE AUGUST MAGIC. This 304-page paperback book is only $14.95 (U.S. funds), plus shipping and handling. You can also ask for August Magic (ISBN 0-9658488-4-1) at your local bookstore.